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Compare Sun Direct Life Insurance products Sun Life Direct has a good range of life covers for over 50s.

posted 24 May, 2009 prudential store front

Interesting thing about both Over 50 plans is that they both are more lenient towards smokers. Actually, it doesn't matter weather you are smoker or not, according to the online quotation form. Though younger smokers, in Easy Cover Plan, are required to pay extra premium. Another conspicuous thing is that younger applicants to Easy Cover Plan, receve only one £10 gift voucher, while over 50s get choice of a whole range of gifts, starting with Satellite Navigation system for car and other goodies.

Sun Life Direct provides several financial products in group of life cover services, like: Guaranteed Over 50 plan, Simple Choice Funerals, 50 Plus Protector, Easy Cover and Bonus CashBuilder Plus.

The Guaranteed Over 50 Plan is a very straightforward life insurance plan that is made to facilitate leaving a fixed cash sum to your loved ones after your death. This assured cash sum can be both used as a help towards the outstanding bills or to possibly cover the costs of your funeral. The assured cash sum is fixed, which means that it is prone to loosing value because of the inflation. Premiums start from as low as £6 per month to as high as £74. This premiums compare favorably with Tesco Financial's, since their maximum premium is limited to £50. This means that if you wish so you can leave your loved ones much more with Sun Life's Guaranteed Over 50 plan than with a similar Tesco Financial's plan.

This plan is called Guaranteed Over 50 Plan, because simply Sun Life Direct guarantees to accept you if you are aged between 50 and 85. There is no need for medical checkup and even no health related questions are asked. Another interesting benefit included with this plan is, that should you die as a result of a travel accident, this plan will pay out triple the original assured cash sum. This plan starts from £6 per month, and premium depends on how much cover you want. Maximum cover is £20,000.

Easy Cover plan is designed for younger people and its acceptance age is set more broadly, from 18 to 59 years of age. It is mainly designed for leaving a assured cash sum to your loved ones should something happen to you while they are still vulnerable.

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Sun Life Direct company historySun Life has been around since 1979, or 30 years.

posted 25 May, 2009 prudential Headquarters Glasgow

As of the summer of 2009, Sun Life Direct is having 714,000 customers. Such a large market share make Sun Life company one of the top life insurers in UK. The company's solid reputation is based on an extremely high number of satysfied cusomer, which is according to their site as high as 94%.

Sun Life Direct has been selling life cover financial products since 1979, particualrly gaining a stength in the life assurance for people who are over 50 years old. Currently Sun Life Direct is trading name of AXA Sun Life plc based in Bristol.

At a begining of 2009 AXA, an French based multinational insurance company, decided to relaunch its subsidary as Sun Life Direct. The AXA's own logo will only continue to appear inth ecorner of within larger Sun Life Direct logs. The rebrand will position the subsidary, best known for its life insurance products for over 50 year olds. Sun Life Direct managing director Mark Howes says that during the year it will test new customer products including health and general insurance.

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