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Compare Prudential Life Insurance products Prudential's range of services are marked by quality.

posted 1 Jun, 2009 prudential store front

It wouldn't be fair to compare Pru's life insurance products on a price basis only. Pru's Serious Illness Comprehensive plan stands out in the UK market with 154 conditions covered. And that is not all, severity of the critical diseases are graded, which means that you can start receiving the parts of your assured sum even if you suffer the illness that has only partial developed. That kind of option is not available from other providers.

Prudential's products are flexible in a sense that you can add different options to them. For example, if you already have Serious Illness cover, you can ad to it Disability or Unemployment Cover. You can as well do those changes any time during the life of the policy.

Another feature of Prudential's life insurance plans is Vitality plan. When you join Vitality Plan, your monthly premium can actually decrease depending on how much you engage with the plan. Vitality Plan stimulates you to take on a healthier life by for example joining a gym, doing regular exercises, quitting smoking etc. Practically, if you look after yourself, you save money on your monthly life cover premium. Not bad!

Prudential is such an open minded company that they even provide life cover to people with HIV, although this type of life insurance is limited to only 10 years and maximum assured sum of £250,000.

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One fine thing that is offered with Pudential's life insurance plans is insurance. What it means is that your life cover plan is insured, that in a case that you are out of work because of some illness and can not keep up with life cover payments, your plan will not be stopped but it will be topped up by the plan's own insurance scheme. This option is called Minimum Protected Account.

Instead of creating different products, Prudential creates one product, for which you than choose various options. And number of those options is just short of outstanding. Here is the list illustrating the flexibility of plan: lifestyle rewards through Vitality plan, fixed term, decreasing, income protection, inflation protection, HIV, single and joint life, extended list of illnesses, illness severity grading, self-employed and insurance of life insurance plan. Actually list of the options is so long that it is a must to read the terms and conditions.

The ultimate flexibility of the plan, does actually add to the the complexity of the contract. Something simply had to give and it was simplicity. But providing that you do your homework and read the material available on Prudential's web site, you'll enlist to Rolls-Royce of the UK life insurance plans.


Prudential's company historyPrudential has been around since 1848, or 161 years.

posted 25 May, 2009 prudential Headquarters Glasgow

Phenomenal thing about Pru is that it was born in 1848, 161 years ago. With a steady pace it came all the way from the Victorian, into the Internet age. It is no wander that this company's products takes care of the high end of the market. For example, Prudential's Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover covers for 154 serious illness conditions, while Tesco, with 12 years in the market, covers for 27. No pause for deep thought needed here.

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