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Aviva's free gift for New Parents Parents of newborn babies are getting help from one of the biggest companies in UK.

posted 30 Oct 2010

If you are a parent of a newborn baby, you might have become used to presents coming in from the many of your relatives and friends. But did you know that one of the largest UK companies is offering a FREE present for your baby as well. And to top all that, the present is worth no less than £10,000. Yes, the largest UK life insurance company Aviva is giving away FREE life cover for the parents of newborn babies. Babies need to be less than one year old, so harry up.

At a time when new responsibilities are seemingly coming in from all the unexpected directions, it is so nice to know that others do care. The arrival of new member of family is the right moment to start seriously thinking about the future.

And here is a cute secret. If both parents apply, than you can get £20,000 cover, all for free.

All that you need to do, in order to claim this FREE gift, is a completion of a simple online form.

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Compare Aviva Life Insurance products Aviva is number one UK insurance provider and number five in the whole world.

posted 14 Oct 2009

Aviva is the larges provider of insurance products in UK and the fifth largest provider in the world. The range of life assurance products offered to UK residents is well designed to match the needs of variety of applicants. Current list of the life insurance products that Aviva offers are: Level Life Insurance, Decreasing Life Insurance, Guaranteed Whole of Life Insurance and Guaranteed Life Long Protection Plan.

Broadly speaking Aviva's life assurance products fall into two categories. Those products that are designed to assure no changes in your or your family's lifestyle and insurance products designed to pay off your mortgage, in the case you fall ill or die.

If you are worried about repaying your mortgage, for example if you are single, than you should look at Aviva's Decreasing Life Insurance. If you have family and would like to protect its well being far into the future, than you should be looking for Level Life Insurance or Guaranteed Whole of Life Insurance.

Aviva has a really useful 'Lifestyle Maintenance Calculator' on their site, that is quite handy for quick assessing of the total amount of cover you might need. Though one should possibly do some quick calculations of his own, in Excel spreadsheet for example, since Aviva's insurance cover calculator doesn't allow for the effects of the inflation.

The benefits that are included with Aviva's Life Assurance products are: monthly premiums are fixed for the term of the policy, monthly premiums are affordable and start from £5, cover is available for individuals or couples, so your partner can be part of the policy and the amount of cover can be as high as £500,000.

Aviva is running some special offers at present, which might be worth checking. The first one is £15 Marks & Spencer voucher. The second offer is 'New Parent Free Life Cover' that covers for free, both parents for £10,000 each untill baby's first birthday. Application process is so simplified, Aviva will not even ask for your bank details. Well worth checking.

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Aviva in joint venture with Dabur Group Aviva Insurance Group strenghtens its position as important financial service provider in India.

posted May 17, 2009


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