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Welcome to abbotfinancial.com web site, we aim to provide value for money insurance and credit from the leading providers. abbotfinancial.com is a unique online resource covering personal finance. It provides in-depth coverage of the latest developments relating to your finances, as well as useful background information.

abbotfinancial.com is a consumer site for everyone interested in their personal finances.

Covering everything from household bills, to savings and investments, loans, pensions and insurance, abbotfinancial.com provides information on all areas relating to your money.

As well as financial professionals, it appeals to savers, investors, borrowers, consumers and homeowners alike.

abbotfinancial.com is one of the largest personal finance news resources on the internet. It provides ongoing daily coverage about the latest developments connected to your money.

Spread across borrowing, saving and investment, pensions, insurance, household bills, tax, and the economy in general, abbotfinancial.com's, news is broken down into relevant topic areas and linked to related articles.

abbotfinancial.com aims to report on the latest developments connected to your money in the most objective and factual way possible.

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